First camping of the summer – Osoyoos

Summer has officially begun!

The border is still closed, so we are staying in BC for now. First camping trip of the summer – off to Lake Osoyoos in the Okanagan for Father's Day weekend. 

The boys were excited for "Canada's only desert" – highlights including rattlesnakes, black widow spiders and...scorpions!! :) Happily, we did not encounter any. It was also billed as "Canada's warmest lake." We also did not encounter this...maybe in August. 

We did however have a great time – what a location. Swiws / Haynes Point park is on a long spit right out in the middle of the lake. 

We stopped at EC Manning Park on the drive over the mountains, and saw many friendly marmots there. 

We set up camp. We went for a desert hike. The boys investigated an ancient metallic object located near our campsite (AKA payphone). Many hot dogs and marshmallows were consumed.

And then I inflated the boats I ordered off Amazon, which may prove to be the pinnacle of my dad career. These things were great – everyone got some use out of them. 

After a sweet weekend, we headed home, stopping for lunch at a gorgeous winery and vineyard in one of the small towns along the way. What a great Father's Day and kickoff to the summer! 

Mexico 2020

Sayulita, Mexico for New Years 2020 -- a story in five acts.

Act 1 - we get situated in our gorgeous house on a hill above Sayulita, play in the waves, and have foreshadowing of wildlife visits. This period culminated in the craziest New Years' day ever, in which Beth got stung by a poisonous scorpion in our house during a torrential downpour and we had to descend our treacherous hill and navigate the flooded streets by golf cart to find a health clinic to administer antivenom. 

Act 2 - Beth rallies after the scorpion incident and we all try to put it behind us with a horseback ride through the jungle and onto the beach. 

Act 3 - Whale watching! Amazing sightings of humpbacks and dolphins from a trimaran with water slides and an open bar. Plus a sighting of Linda's first tequila shot. 

Act 4 - We needed some recovery from our adventures, so spent the day at a local resort. The kids swam, read, drank virgin piña coladas, and made crafts, and we all got a little break.  

Act 5 - Back on the town to finish the trip strong, plus a visit from the coatimundi from Act 1. Beth and I snuck away for a date down the coast to Litibu, and we ended the week with a day trip to San Pancho, just north of Sayulita. 

Beth and I had been feeling up for a travel adventure before this trip, and we definitely had one. The kids rolled with all of the unexpected turns, and Howard and Linda held on for the ride as well. This was one of those trips with many memories – but where you need a vacation from your vacation! 

Mexico - Riviera Maya trip

Spring break trip with Phil & Karen and their family!

Part 1: Club Med. Beaches, pools, iguanas, endless treats, bottomless margaritas, and a kids' club to boot!

Part 2: Akumal Airbnb. Cute house, Mayan temples, cenotes, swimming and snorkeling, yummy food, amazing animals, and good friends!


Babymoon on Oahu! Last big trip before #3 arrives. Obie was in the pool for a week straight, and Emmet learned how to make sandcastles. And of course, since we were at the Aulani, there were some close encounters of the Disney kind.