My Experiences in a Wat [Emmet]

You walk in the wat. You take your shoes off. If you look straight, you see an old glass shrine, sometimes with things monks have touched. To your left and right, you see paintings on the walls. If you look closely you see a statue, or a Buddha, with gold foil on it. Finally, you walk out and see people with orange robes on. Those are monks. Some are fully grown, and some are only ten. They train and train to be monks.  It is not easy. Have you realized that everywhere is so old and beautiful? If you look on the trees you might see Indian plums. They are very bitter and sour. I took a bite and regretted it. You walk out of the place and you see an old little shrine covered in vines. You walk back to your house smiling.

Update from Emmet

To me {Emmet}, I think the trip idea is amazing! I’m so excited, I have never gone to Southeast Asia or Italy! I am most excited to go to Sicily and Sardinia, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Hoi An… I’m so excited for our whole trip. So far we have been to Boston, Massachusetts, Rochester, New York, New York City, New York {which we are in right now}, and then Chiang Mai! 

Every day we write in our journals about our days. Here is the front of mine.

In New York we went to see the Statue of Liberty. I loved it so much because it’s bigger than you think, and it is made out of copper. The statue is important because it symbolizes freedom and peace when people come to New York on ships escaping persecution. The statue is the first thing they see. Here is a picture I took of the back of the Statue of Liberty.

So far my favourite place we have gone to was in Boston because I loved all the bricks because it looked so cool and red and old. After all, Boston is so old. Here is a picture I took in Boston.

Soon, we will visit Times Square at night!!                                               

P.S. we leave for Chiang Mai on Sunday!!!