Meditation Retreat

Inquiring minds want to know what we are up to! T minus a week from leaving Chiang Mai and I have mixed feelings. I love this city and it's been a sweet landing ground for us to get our travel-legs, open our minds to newness, and take us out of our comfort zones. For me, it's been quite a deep journey. That said, with the kids not being in school, it definitely feels time to move on (there are only so many activities you can do each day in one place!). The last week has been different, as I have been at a three-day forest meditation retreat (thank you, Chris, for encouraging me to take the time and for being such a parent extraordinaire). Obie and Chris also did a one-day meditation course, so it seems we are all drawn to diving into stillness and exploring the possibilities of spaces beyond the mind. 

Here are a few pics from my last few days.

Many hours spent in hammocks writing. 

So many gems of meditation spots. This one, a precarious looking treehouse in the fog. 

Morning alms with a monk.

Buddha pic taken after very early morning (5:30am) meditations (not for the faint of early-morning heart!). 

Evening meditations.

Our last night - lantern release and a full moon peeking out from the clouds. 


Looks so relaxing... what a beautiful location. Great to take a few days of quiet in before the wildness that will come next week!!

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